BMW will join Mercedes Benz and Audi in the 2012 DTM<

Imagine fancy cars like the Audi or a Mercedes Benz traveling at high speeds swooping past spectators; that is exactly what fans experience at Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters races. What are Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters races? Also known as DTM, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is a touring racing division in which has strong German roots. Although, there are DTM races throughout Europe, these races primarily take place within the boundaries of Germany. The founders of this organization, strive for low expenses while still providing top of the line racing.

There have been ups and downs for German touring racing. In 1996, the former DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) was canceled due to an increase in the financial costs of racing. Finally in 2000, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, the new DTM, was developed.

One of the main goals of this new organization was to keep auto racing at lowest costs possible with still maintaining a high quality of racing. In order to fulfill this challenging goal, organization leaders set regulations on what race cars are used in this racing series. All of the DTM race cars such as the Mercedes-Benz are modified from their street car versions. These modifications cut down costs of the cars and upkeep of the vehicles. Increased race car speeds is another end result of the race car modifications.

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters consists of more than a six month long season of racing. In the 2011 season, there were twelve outstanding races in the DTM division. To qualify for each race, drivers must show case their driving skills in a timely fashion. The fastest drivers of each qualifying round move on to the next round to try and obtain the pole position. This is not an easy task, because with each round the level of intensity increases.

Norisring is one of the major highlights for DTM racing season. This exciting street circuit takes place in Nuremberg, Germany. A fan favorite, Norisring allows spectators a closer glimpse of the fast pace racing scene. Public road within Nuremberg are shut down during mid- July to accommodate for the Norisring street race. The course runs thru the German city which allows for DTM drivers to navigate at high speeds thru straight-aways, corners and even u-turns. This type of racing can be dangerous which makes for an exhilarating show for spectators.

Drivers from around the world drive for the DTM series; the racers use a variety of prestigious models of race cars. British driver, Gary Paffett drives an AMG Mercedes C-coupe. Another drive that uses the AMG Mercedes C-coupe is German racer Ralf Schumacher. American Joey Hand drives a BMW M3. While Italian driver Edoardo Mortara drives an Audi A5.

As a driver for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, there are two possibilities for earning a championship. The racer with the most points at the end of the season will be named DTM champion. The team of two racers whom have the highest combined score will be named DTM team champions.

A DTM engine delivers about 470 hp, and has a maximum capacity of four litres and maximum four valves per cylinder. Enhancement of the engine is strictly prohibited unlike the GT500 Super GT cars which are loosely regulated.

2011 DTM Cars

AMG-Mercedes C-Class 2009, AMG-Mercedes C-Class 2008, Audi A4 DTM 2009 and Audi A4 DTM 2008.


Picture: 2010 Mercedes Benz W204

Mercedes W204 2011 dtm 300x200

2012 DTM Cars

Audi A5 DTM, BMW M3 DTM, DTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupe.


Picture: 2012 DTM Cars

2012 dtm cars 300x200