GT1 and GT3 specifications cars to be modified to ensure balanced competition

Organized by Stephane Ratel Organization, the FIA GT1 World Championship is a car racing series endorsed by the FIA. Based largely in Europe, the FIA GT World Championship has held races in Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Spain. But it was not long until the World Championship sports car racing series branched out to hold races on other continents as well including Asia and South America.

Originally, all GT World Championship races lasted a minimum of three hours, classifying them as the endurance type. In 2007, however, a new series of schedules and rules were released, which changed the length of the race to a maximum two hours long with the only exception being the Spa 24 Hours. The shorter racing period qualifies the FIA GT World Championship as a sprint race event.

AF Corse pulled out four wins in 2009. But certainly the biggest name in that season was the FIA GT World Championship was the Vitaphone Racing Team. They won a solid five championships in a row in the GT1 category with members Andrea Bertolini and Michael Bartels earning their third Drivers’ Championship titles.

Although the Championship underwent several changes and modifications, it has remained the same since 2006. Once regulations were established, the GT World Championship has served as a model for other national racing series who have adopted aspects of the format.

As of now the planning of the FIA GT World Championship 2012 season is in full swing. Francesco Castellacci, a member of the AF Corse stable, and Enzo Ide of Belgium have been announced as the first drivers who will be racing in the championship of 2012. The season is set to begin on April 8th at Circuit Paul Armagnac in Southwest France. The next event will take place at Zolder and then the Iberian Peninsula. Navarra will host the series.

Amato Ferrari, owner and team director, attributed the choice to the solid job done by Castellaci and Ide in the previous season. Castellaci won the FIA GT3 European Championship in 2011 while Ide enjoyed a 2011 GT3 win as well as third place in the championship. All in all, the 2011 season was a success giving high hopes and a strong start for the 2012 season.

Cars in the GT1 class are those eligible to enter the FIA GT World Championship. This year the GT World Championship united the technical and sporting regulations of GT1 World and GT3 European. The goal is to create ten teams who represent 10 World Championship brands. One way this is being done is through this adoption of GT3 regulations, which will open the way for a whole new variety of brands. This would help make the FIA GT World Championship stand out in International sport car racing.

GT1 and GT3 cars

Various makes – McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan etc


Picture: 2011 Michael Krumm for JRM Nissan GT-R

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